Preparing for chicks – Spring Chickens

Mrs.Terry and I have been planning our spring and summer farm needs. We’re going to be selling our eggs at the Greeneville Farmer’s Market and a few others around here possibly. So exciting! Problem is our little hens are only … Read More

Homemade Laundry Detergent Powder

About a year ago, in preparation for moving out here to the farm, I started making my own homemade laundry detergent powder. I despise laundry. I really loathe doing the laundry. I am so grateful though to have clothes to … Read More

King Cake for Kings’ Day

You can take the girl out of Louisiana, but you can’t take the Louisiana out of the girl. Up here in Tennessee there are not many Catholics. Therefore, there are not many catholic traditions. Mardi Gras being one of those … Read More

Butter Beans

I love it here in Tennessee, but I miss my family and friends in Louisiana. I miss certain cyclical times of the year when things happen and they just don’t up here.  I miss my mama’s New Orleans traditions. She … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Fourteen: Pine Cone Fire Starters

  My husband could stare at a fire for HOURS. Just looking at it. Not moving. Just looking. I think at least my little one has inherited his Daddy’s fascination with a fire. One good thing about living in Tennessee … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Thirteen: Pillowcases

I am constantly searching  for the perfect gift. It makes gift giving so much fun to put thoughtful consideration into each and every gift. Now my big boy is in preschool I get to add a new gift recipient to … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Twelve: PVC Ladder Golf

TJ loves tailgating. TJ also loves tailgating games. Actually, we all do. TJ asked me for tailgating games for our homemade Christmas. I have previously given him other tailgating games like cornhole, but he didn’t have ladder golf. I decided … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Eleven: Nail and String Art

What do you give someone who has nearly everything already? Like your parents. They’re so incredibly hard to pick out gifts for. Well, if they’re  a die-hard Tennessee fan and you’re doing a homemade Christmas you give them Tennessee Power … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Ten: Kindling and Firewood Carrier

On the front porch of my in-laws home sits a big ole rack of firewood. Each cold day my father-in-law goes out there and retrieves the firewood and kindling and hauls it back in his arms. Day Ten of homemade Christmas … Read More

Homemade Christmas Day Nine: Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Today is Grandma’s birthday and I just know she’s celebrating in Heaven. I think of her all the time. Sometimes I run on auto pilot and go to call her. Today I thought of her all day. Each year during … Read More